Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My First Beautiholic Blog

Hey everyone! This is my first ever blog on here, and I'm super excited to be starting this up.

I've tried beauty blogging on MySpace, but unfortunately, my page is dedicated to so much "personal" stuff it's hard to get a really heavy following going on there. My MySpace profile is mainly friends and family, and I have a hard time believing that my dad, brothers, or military friends would really take an interest in that hot new MAC collection that was just released. LOL!

So... Here it is. Hopefully the beginning of something great. Or at least, maybe something to keep my interest going for a while.

I don't plan on focusing too much on the big labels out there (MAC, NARS, Too Faced, etc.), as I really hope to get some reviews on some of the smaller cosmetics companies out there (including my own, of course). However, if Urban Decay releases something amazing that I MUST try, don't worry. You'll find it on here. I can't deny awesomeness!!!

Anyway... I'll be sure to tweet my updates as well as keep my MySpace and Facebook friends up-to-date on any new posts. Stay tuned for amazingness! :)


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